Term Fees / Benefits

Term 1: 8 weeks
January 30th – March 25th

Sporteka Multisport Program Fees

(Teaching 11 Different Sports)

1st time Registration Term 1 Fees (8 weeks)

1st child = $221.00 (Sibling = $180.00)

Fee covers Annual family insurance, Sporteka Logo T Shirt, Sporteka term classes and a Laminated Personal Best Achievement Practice Booklet.

(Sibling gets $2 discount per week per class)

Re-Enrolment Fee (8 weeks)

1st child = $201.00 (Sibling = $160.00)

Sporteka Tennis Program Fees

Fee covers Term coaching and Annual Family insurance
Each child receives a free ANZ Tennis Hot Shots T shirt on enrolment

Sporteka specialises in teaching Tennis to young beginners from the age of 3.
We develop your child’s Tennis skills to competition level and help him/her enter Match Play tournaments as early as they can Serve, Rally and Score.

Class of 4 students per coach: 45 minutes
Fees: $22 per students per week

1st Time Enrolment: 8 weeks:$201.00

Class of 3 Students per coach: 45 minutes
Fees: $28.00 per student per week

1st time enrolment: (8 weeks): $249.00

Class of 2 Students per coach (semi-private): 45 minutes
Fees: $40 per student per week

1st time enrolment: (8 weeks): $345.00

Class of only 1 student and 1 coach (private): 30 minutes
Fees: $45 per week

1st time enrolment: (8 weeks): $385.00


All Tennis students will need a PERSONAL Tennis racquet

Sporteka 21” Tennis racquet = $32.00
Tennis Hot Shots practice balls = $2.50 each
Optional: Tennis Hot Shots nets may be ordered through Sporteka “shop”


Notify us 24 hours prior to absence
Make up sessions are available to enrolled children throughout the year.
To enhance your child’s learning experience as well as facilitate make up class opportunities to all, please notify us early if missing a class


To ensure the viability of the Sporteka program and in fairness to all Sporteka families, we cannot reduce/refund term enrolment fees due to absence of child for travel/holiday or similar reasons. Exceptional circumstances may be considered. Annual insurance fee is non-refundable