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Multisport Timetable


11 Different Sports

Sporteka's Multisport program teaches your child the following sports:
Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Hockey, Aussie Rules, Netball, Golf, Cricket, Badminton, T Ball and Athletics.

How to kick with the inside/outside and top of the foot, dribble and move with the ball, do headers, kick goals and play as part of a team.
How to do a Tennis Volley, Forehand Strike and Back hand strike, racquet grip, balance and tracking of the Tennis ball.
How to throw, bounce and catch and dribble the basketball, shoot goals and play in a team.
How to hold a hockey stick and hit a hockey puck/ball, dribble and get hockey goals as well as play as part of a team.
How to do handball, kick from stand or drop and kick footy goals and play in a team.
How to throw, catch, pivot, stop and move on court and play as part of a team.
How to do the Golf Drive and putt. How to get the Golf ball in the hole and wait until ball stops before attempting the next shot.
How to do bowling and batting. Children learn the over arm throw with straight arms, how to hold the cricket bat, hit the cricket ball from a stand and on the rise, count runs and work together as a team.
How to track a balloon and a shuttle ball and hit over Badminton net. How to do forehand strike and backhand strike and hit from low to high and high to low.
How to do the overarm throw, hit from a T ball stand as well as on the full, catch and run from base to base.
How to do sprints, races, long distance running, long jump, shot put and jump over hurdles. How to listen to instructions and start races and jumps on the whistle.

Sporteka teaches 11 different sports, one new sport every two weeks. Class duration is 45 minutes per week and the program runs during school term. Sporteka classes include coordination, colour, number and sound recognition skills and through sporting successes promotes high self esteem and social and emotional health for life.. Sporteka sessions are conducted at bright, air-conditioned indoor and outdoor sports venues 6 days a week mornings and afternoons.

Classes are divided into 3 age groups:

  • 2 -2.5 year olds
  • 3 - 3.5 year olds
  • 4- 6 year olds

Give your child an informed choice

We teach your child 11 Fundamental Motor Skills and use these skills to play 11 different sports.
Now he/she can choose their future favourite/s.

11 Fundamental Motor Skills

Sporteka’s Multisport program introduces children to essential Fundamental Motor Skills including: Catch, Kick, Run, Vertical jump, Overhand throw, Ball Bounce, Leap, Dodge, Punt, Forehand strike & Two-hand side-arm strike.

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