Making the most of Sporteka

How to make the most out of a Sporteka Session!

Through SPORTEKA our aim is to promote early healthy habits, family physical fitness, sports skills development, role modeling, social connectedness and a sense of belonging within each group. This is achieved through warm ups which may include adult participation, sports skills practice, ball and athletics sports play, stretching at the beginning and end of session, lots of fun coordination activities and an end of year Personal Best Achievement Medal or Trophy presentation.

Preschoolers have short attention spans and will want to experiment with different activities and move on to the next very quickly. They also need to have fun to maintain interest and concentration during a session. For this reason a Sporteka coach may change the pace and move from formal skills practice to music or games if it is felt that this will enhance interest and concentration. Hence, although each session follows a definite structure, flexibility is essential.

Sporteka members enroll at different times of the year and may be at different stages of development during any given term.

To help your child develop healthy habits and feel part of a Sporteka group please

  • Arrive at the venue on time and ensure regular attendance
  • If your child is new to the program please come 5 minutes early so we can have an initial play and chat and help make him/her feel part of the group
  • Bring a water bottle for you and your child & wear comfortable clothing and non-marking footwear
  • Make an attempt to use the session as an opportunity for you (parent/carer) to get fit as well as provide a healthy role model for the children.
  • Encourage your child to have fun at home practicing skills introduced in the session.
  • Be persistent with practicing new skills and have confidence in your child’s ability to learn.
  • Praise effort not just achievement. Many skills take months and often years to master.
  • Never push your child to do what he/she doesn’t feel like doing. At another time, they might make an attempt themselves and surprise you with their achievement
  • Never get too anxious if achievement seems slow and allow your child to develop at his/her own pace. You’ll be surprised how much they’re taking in even if they don’t appear to be doing what they’re told.
  • An early night and a good healthy breakfast will also help with concentration and full participation in the session

If you wish to discuss any issue about the program, want feedback on your child’s development or information on future sports development pathways for your child, please do not hesitate to contact Fatima, developer of the Sporteka program. We are always here to help.

You are certainly on the right track as a Sporteka member because it is never too early to introduce children to healthy habits and an active lifestyle. And remember; as you struggle through your busy schedule and daily routine, do not forget to take a moment to remind yourself and your child that:

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” “DREAM BIG” – Michael Flynne