A. Gan

I first came across Sporteka while reading the local newspaper. My son Royston wasn’t two and half but I was looking for a sports program that I he could participate in. I liked the idea of a multi sports program. So I rang Fatima we arranged a trial for Royston and we have been coming to Sporteka ever since. Fatima is a very passionate teacher.

She is always patient and full of encouragement and my son adores her. Sporteka is a fantastic package. It is value for money, the duration of the lesson is suitable for young children, Fatima offers a variety of venues and times, the skill and sports taught are easy to apply and reinforce at home or outdoors and each child that attends Sporteka has a Personal Best Achievement Book with the child photo on the front.

Royston loves his Personal Best Achievement Book he is very proud of it. At the end of each lesson the child get a sticker for skills they achieve during the lesson. Royston loves this bit and it motivates him to want to achieve more skills.

Whenever people come around or after Sporteka when Royston sees his grandparents he always shows them his Personal Best Achievement Book and demonstrates the skills that he has learnt.

Sporteka has allowed Royston to understand how different sports are played and it has also given Royston hands on experience of lots of different sports and equipment used to play various sports. Sporteka has helped Royston learn so many skills of life such as hand and eye co-ordination, self confidence, balance, colours, sharing things, taking turns, listening, follow instructions, and working together as a team.

Sporteka has also taught Royston the importance of warming up before playing sport and it has also motivated Royston to strive to achieve his best. Sporteka has definitely helped Royston to become a well rounded person, so for that I thank you Fatima.

A. Gan