Belinda Sanderson

As a mother of three young children in the 21st Century, it’s imperative to keep them active and away from the television or computer screen. There are numerous sports and activities available; however it’s impossible to try them all to see which sport your child is interested in. This is where I found Sporteka ideal. The program is very affordable comparative to other activities and it allows children to learn the basics of different sports and activities and hone in on those they are interested in.

My youngest son, Paddy (3 years) initially joined Sporteka whilst my eldest son, Jacob (4½ years) joined a tennis program. During the first term, Jacob attended Sporteka as a “once off” and never looked back. He wanted to pull out of tennis and continue with Sporteka.

Both boys have been participating in Sporteka now for just over six months and I believe that the difference in them is phenomenal. They have always been sociable and play well with other children; however since they have been participating in Sporteka their gross motor skills have improved dramatically, as well as their interaction with other children in a team environment.

The program is flexible depending on the weather. On days when it’s inclement, activities are set up indoors which occupy the children accordingly. On more accommodating days, activities such as tennis, relays, soccer and other outdoor sports are conducted. This allows the children to experience a broad spectrum of sports / activities.

Fatima organises each session in a way that is safe and stimulating for the children. She has so much energy and is able to keep the kids active and interested so they enjoy every minute. She has great control of the group and takes an interest in their personal likes and dislikes, not to mention their strengths and weaknesses. The atmosphere is always positive and constructive and both my boys always feel included and encouraged.

I was really impressed with the presentation medals and certificates that were presented to each child at the end of the year. In particular, I noted that both my boys’ medals had different images on them. Jacob’s had a soccer ball whilst Paddy’s had a tennis racquet / ball. This indicated to me that Fatima had taken the time to think about each child’s strengths / interests and presented them with a medal reflecting this. Two months later my boys are still showing people their medals and telling them they got it from Sporteka because they’re “good at soccer or tennis”.

I really recommend the Sporteka program for any active child. Fatima is a dedicated professional who has taken the time to research the sports she instructs on.

Thank you Fatima for creating a wonderful concept. I have two very happy boys who are showing more interest in getting out and kicking / hitting the ball then wanting to watch television or play the computer. It’s your enthusiasm and encouragement that keeps the children wanting to come back each week. Keep up the good work.

Belinda Sanderson