Claire Nimmo

“My Son, Tyler, and I started going to Sporteka during 2004 when Tyler was about 2½ and we have continued to date, Tyler is now 4½. We have found this program to be a fantastic learning and fun experience for both of us.

Tyler has learnt sporting and participation skills that I would never have had the time to teach him one on one, such as bouncing and catching a large and small ball, hitting a tennis ball over a net with a racquet, how to take turns with other children i n particular activities, what it is like to compete against other children (eg. running races) and how to participate in team activities (eg. basketball).

All of these activities that we participate in are conducted in a safe and controlled environment – with such a variety of excellent equipment for the kids to use.] Sporteka has a great family friendly atmosphere – my 2 year old daughter is able to run around and play with the equipment etc. without the feeling that she shouldn’t be there.

At the end of last year (2005) a presentation day was put on for the Children to show family and friends just what skills they had learnt throughout the year and a special trophy was given to each child for their participation throughout the year – this trophy has pride of place on my son’s bedside table – he is very proud of what he achieves at Sporteka every week, and this trophy just reminds him of what he can do.”

Claire Nimmo