Jenny & Les Horvath

Jenny & Les Horvath

Our son Patrick has been attending Sporteka for most of the year and has benefited greatly from it. He looks forward to Patrickparticipating every Sunday where he learns something new every week while having fun.

He is never bored as each week the program is different including a variety of different types of equipment to use. Some weeks there are indoor activities and some are outdoor.Patrick particularly likes the tennis sessions and often comes home and plays all week.

Before he started he didn’t understand the concept of waiting for his turn and being a team player, we are now pleased to say that he waits his turn and believes that the rest of the team are his friends.The venue is excellent and the environment is very family friendly.

Fatima is always flexible in her approach with the children and makes sure everyone participates and has a good time.We are very happy that we chose Sporteka and so is Patrick!

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