Shelley Martin

Our son Max has been attending Sporteka for almost 12 months now and he just loves it. He began at 3 years of age with little or no ball skills and now he is confident in lots of activities including catching and bouncing a ball, hitting a ball with a racket, throwing a ball through a basketball ring as well as many more.

Every week at Sporteka there is a range of activities for the children to participate in including tennis, soccer, basketball, general ball skills, warm up exercises and team sports. There is also a huge range of bright, colourful, new equipment for the children to use.

As well as the activities, other things are incorporated during the session including learning colours, waiting for turns, balancing, music, co-ordination, listening skills, team work and hand-eye co ordination.

There is always a lot of positive reinforcement during the session too. Fatima takes time out during the class to help individual children improve on their skills. All children have their own ‘Personal Best Achievement Book’ that includes recognition stickers for what they have achieved during the class. Parents are also encouraged to participate during the session when needed.

Another advantage of Sporteka is the availability or being indoors in poor weather and going outdoors on nice days onto the tennis court. The children love going outside on beautiful sunny days. Our Sunday mornings are eagerly awaited every week. Max always looks forward to another fun filled session with Fatima at Sporteka!

Shelley Martin