Wendy Thomas

Sporteka has helped my son enormously. He started at age 3 and it helped so much with adapting to kindergarten.The music, interaction with other children and focus on sports that could be played at other times.

Even though at times he didn’t want to go, preferring to stay at home and play with his toys and even though there were times he just sat on the side watching the children, he now loves it enormously.

Fatima, Tawfek gives her all, her kindness, flexibility amd devotion to this is what makes all the difference. The pleasure in watching a child first bounce and catch a tennis ball, or hit one with a tennis racquet is immeasurable. I can highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to encourage and watch their children given opportunities to learn different skills.

In an age where childhood obesity is so rampant, the encouragement of sport as fun and exercise as an enjoyable pastime is paramount. Well done Fatima.

Wendy Thomas