Term Fees / Benefits

Term 3, 2018 Enrolment
Saturday July 14th – Friday Sep. 21st

important: Please tell us if you can’t attend
a class.

Sporteka programs have a low Child to Coach Ratio
Tennis Hot shots: Maximum 4,3,2 or 1 child per coach
Multisport: Maximum 6 children per coach

To help us plan lessons and enhance your child’s learning experience as well as provide opportunities for make up classes to all members, please remember to let us know if you are going to be absent from class. Make up sessions are available throughout the year to children enrolled with Sporteka if you contact us early.

Sporteka Multisport Program

1st child = $235 (Siblings = $200 each child)

Fee covers Annual family insurance, Sporteka Logo T Shirt, Sporteka term classes plus a Laminated Personal Best Achievement Practice Booklet.

1st child = $200 (sibling = $180)

Sporteka ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Program

Sporteka specialises in teaching Tennis to younger children 3-8 years.

Our unique programs develop your child’s Tennis skills to competition level.
We run classes for a group of 4, 3 and 2 kids per coach as well as private classes
for one student only per coach

Class duration: Sessions run for 30 or 45 minutes (private) or 45 minutes group or semi-private.

Free Player T-shirt: Tennis students receive a free ANZ Tennis Hot Shots T shirt.

Register for your free Hot Shots T shirt here: https://hotshots.tennis.com.au/start-playing/claim

Tennis Racquet: All Tennis students will need a Tennis racquet that may be purchased for $32.00 from Sporteka.
Tennis Hot Shots practice balls available for $2.50 each

1st time Enrolment = $215
Re-Enrolment =$200

1st time Enrolment = $280
Re-Enrolment =$265

1st time Enrolment =$365
Re-Enrolment =$350

45 minute private class - $60 per session
1st time Enrolment
Total payable for 10 weeks: $615 (includes annual insurance)

30 minute private class - $45 per session
1st time Enrolment
Total payable for 10 weeks: $465 (includes annual insurance)

30 minute private class
Total payable for 10 weeks: $450


Please note that “Team Sporteka” quality winter hoody and Tennis racquets ordered and paid for with enrolment fee can be purchased at the low price of only
Winter Hoody: $30 per hoody.
Tennis Racquets sizes 17”, 19” and 21” = $32 per racquet


What Sporteka offers you and your child:


  • A Multisport program covering 11 different ball sports and athletics
  • Free laminated,Personal Best Achievement practice booklet (Multisport program)
  • Free trial session (multisport program)
  • An ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program for children 3-6 years
  • $2.00 discount per week for 2nd and 3rd child of immediate family (Multisport only)
  • Sporteka or Tennis Hot Shots T shirt as part of enrolment fee
  • Small groups (maximum 6 per coach - Multisport or 4 per coach - Tennis class)
  • Fun, family friendly teaching environments
  • Qualified, experienced and passionate staff
  • Regular feedback on child development and encouragement awards
  • End of year Sporteka medal/trophy engraved with child's name
  • Sports pathways advise and referral during and beyond your time at Sporteka
  • A selection of top quality sports equipment, Tennis racquets and personalised Team Sporteka hoodies for purchase

Make up session policy

Sporteka offers make up sessions to enrolled families not only during term but throughout the year in which your child is enrolled. If your child misses a session, please contact us to book a make up session at any of the venues listed on website.

Refund policy

Please be advised that to ensure the viability of the Sporteka program and to be fair to all enrolled families, we are unable to reduce/refund term enrolment fees due to absence of a child for travel/holiday or similar reasons. Refunds may only be available if requested before start of term to families who have enrolled but are unable to start the program. Exceptional circumstances may be considered. Annual insurance fee is non-refundable.

Kids preschool sports classes at your local sports centres:

We provide Multi sport and Tennis Hot Shots programs for Preschoolers and early primary school children teaching 11 sports including Soccer, Netball, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, Cricket, Aussie Rules Footy, Athletics, Golf, Badminton and Tennis in the municipalities of Whitehorse and Manningham at Doncaster East, Box Hill, Bulleen, Vermont South and Donvale.