“Sporteka programs are carefully designed to help preschool children develop fundamental motor and eye-hand coordination skills within a caring and supportive environment. There is a strong focus on supporting children’s social and emotional well-being and being part of a group, and staff are encouraging ...Read More

Associate Professor – Early Childhood Development
University of Melbourne


Sporteka has been nothing but a fun energetic social time for Charlie and its been like going to a party every session - without the rubbish food! 
I have appreciated the itinery of sports education. Great introduction to all the Sports. Thanks for providing us all with such a program.


The Sporteka team provide an excellent experience.
It's a terrific environment that is kind, supportive but also educational. I took my child there so that he would learn the basics in sports because it is skill well-regarded in Australian society. He now has a well-developed sense of how to kick ...Read More


"Fantastic introduction to sport"

My son loves the class and looks forward to it every week. It is a great way for kids to be introduced to a wide range of ball sports, and really does improve coordination and listening skills. I couldn't recommend this program more highly.


"Fun Program"

My 2 children love going to Sporteka each week. Its a great introduction to a broad range of sports where the kids get to interact which each other, and the parents choose how much interaction for your child - watching to helping your child with different activities. My daughter talks about it each ...Read More


"Great concept"

My daughter goes to Sporteka every week and because of all of the sports she has been exposed to, we have learnt a lot about what she enjoys most and particular skills she has that we would otherwise not have known about. She has particularly loved hockey this term! My son is only 2 and although ...Read More


A. Gan

I first came across Sporteka while reading the local newspaper. My son Royston wasn’t two and half but I was looking for a sports program that I he could participate in. I liked the idea of a multi sports program. So I rang Fatima we arranged a trial for Royston and we have been coming to Sporteka ...Read More


I would like to thank you for being such a wonderful, caring and patient teacher. I think Cameron has benefited a lot from the Sporteka program this year. He has improved his gross motor skills and is starting to show more interest in sports. Most importantly, I am glad to see that he was willing to ...Read More



Himalini loves Sporteka. Himalini likes Sporteka because she is able to try various activities and games both indoors and outdoors. Himalini loves to run, and Sporteka gives her an opportunity to do that.

As her mother I like the format where every week you concentrate on a particular sport such ...Read More


Belinda Sanderson

As a mother of three young children in the 21st Century, it’s imperative to keep them active and away from the television or computer screen. There are numerous sports and activities available; however it’s impossible to try them all to see which sport your child is interested in. This is where ...Read More


Bettina Sewell

When my son Jaden turned 2 1/5 I was looking around for a new activity. We had previously joined several programs but I was looking for something that would combine fun, play and also learning basic skills in various ball games. I joined Sporteka and found that it is a really great program for young ...Read More


Claire Nimmo

“My Son, Tyler, and I started going to Sporteka during 2004 when Tyler was about 2½ and we have continued to date, Tyler is now 4½. We have found this program to be a fantastic learning and fun experience for both of us.

Tyler has learnt sporting and participation skills that I would never ...Read More


Daniel & Alison

Our son asks us every day, "Do I have Sporteka today?" He loves learning the skills of such a variety of sports. We can't go anywhere without taking some sort of ball. We love Fatima's emphasis on children having a go, team play and building confidence of every child who's enrolled into Sporteka. We ...Read More


I have had my son in Sporteka classes for two terms now and we joined for two reasons. One was because Charles is a very active child and the second was for a regular period of contact between Grandfather and Grandchild without Mum. This is working wonderfully and is helping Charlie to become more ...Read More


My daughter loves Sporteka with her favourite activity being the scooter board. Every two weeks there is a new sport to learn, with Fatima keeping warm-up activities the same so the kids have some familiar parts and some new things. I am constantly amazed at how good all the kids are at hand-balling, ...Read More


Roy enjoys tennis a lot more than before. Before joining you, he was often critical of his sport abilities and at times requested to withdraw from sport activities. Ever since he joined you, he has started to enjoy his sport and been keen to participate often at his instigation. So, thank you so much ...Read More

Jenny & Les Horvath

Our son Patrick has been attending Sporteka for most of the year and has benefited greatly from it. He looks forward to Patrickparticipating every Sunday where he learns something new every week while having fun.

He is never bored as each week the program is different including a variety of different ...Read More

Mother & Father

Karen Mieriesch

With my children being so active, I never imagined that I had to teach them how to bounce and catch a ball. I thought that came naturally. Attending Sporteka on a weekly basis and being introduced to a variety of ball handling skills, sports and fun activities, I can see my 2 1/2 and 4 1/2 year old ...Read More


Shelley Martin

Our son Max has been attending Sporteka for almost 12 months now and he just loves it. He began at 3 years of age with little or no ball skills and now he is confident in lots of activities including catching and bouncing a ball, hitting a ball with a racket, throwing a ball through a basketball ...Read More


Sheridan Brooke

Our son Lawson started Sporteka at the start of this year when he was just over 2.5 year old. Straight away it was clear that attending Sporteka would be more than just about learning ball skills. He has developed the ability to listen and follow directions, wait his turn and really feels part of ...Read More


Wendy Thomas

Sporteka has helped my son enormously. He started at age 3 and it helped so much with adapting to kindergarten.The music, interaction with other children and focus on sports that could be played at other times.

Even though at times he didn’t want to go, preferring to stay at home and play with ...Read More